John Kilduff
to me

I like I will be digging a hole 17.84 in deep in the 12x12 space? That should work....
unless I hit bedrock.

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from me
To John

Here's what I'd like to do:

Ben Sisto, 2015

For his project You (2007), Urs Fischer dug a hole in Gavin Brown's Enterprise floor about 38 feet by 30 feet, and eight feet deep. At an estimated $250,000 cost to Brown, the crater totaled about 9,120 cubic feet — so about $27.41 per cubic foot. Based on this estimate, and the price of a booth at Art Basil being $50 for a 12" x 12" section of ground, I'm requesting you dig a hole in my space 17.84" deep, or about 1.82 cubic feet.

I'm not sure how this impacts the structural integrity of Art Basil — let me know if you find the project agreeable and I'll send you the $50.

Thank you,