Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out
A research project by Ben Sisto; 2010 - Present
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Documentary Film:

Who Let the Dogs Out (Hodgee Films, 2019)
World Premiere at SXSW Film Fest 2019

"Who Let the Dogs Out" is a song that has transcended generations, and has led Ben Sisto to dedicate eight years exploring and exposing a story steeped in show business, legal battles, female empowerment, artistic integrity and one very catchy hook. This documentary follows Sisto on his popular live talks across the world that explain the story of "Who Let The Dogs Out" accompanied by a museum of over 250 pieces of ephemera relating to the song and its origins. Sisto’s thesis to his life’s work: the idea that everything is based on prior art, and everything is source material for future art. It’s from this mantra that the dogs were let out…and we are here to explore who did it. (Hodgee Films, 2019)

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Live Presentation:

"Artist Ben Sisto is the world's leading expert on "Who Let the Dogs Out," as evidenced by his collection of over 250 pieces of memorabilia and artifacts. In this multimedia presentation, he tells the stories of musicians, lawyers and fans from all around the world, shining a light on the origins of that catchy pop abomination you're ashamed you can't stop yourself from singing along to." - Time Out New York

MOCA exhibit examines who really let the dogs out, Philly.com, 10/28/18
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07.31.18 - The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
07.20.18 - Miranda, Shoreditch, London, UK
05.16.18 - Barboza, Seattle, WA
05.01.18 - Ace Hotel Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
04.11.18 - Massachusetts Collect of Art, Boston, MA
04.03.18 - Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
04.11.18 - Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
11.14.17 - Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
11.13.17 - Yale University, New Haven, CT
11.12.17 - AS200, Providence, RI
11.10.17 - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
11.07.17 - PhilaMoCA, Philadelphia, PA
11.06.17 - PhilaMoCA, Philadelphia, PA
11.05.17 - Ace Hotel New York, New York City, NY
11.03.17 - Ace Hotel Chicago, Chicago, IL
09.27.17 - SUNY Purchase College, Purchase, NY
08.15.17 - New Inc Retreat, Garrison, NY
03.20.17 - King's College, London, UK
12.01.14 - Presentation Party Night, Brooklyn, NY
04.09.13 - New York Law School, New York, NY
04.04.13 - FAT GOLD at Eyebeam, New York, NY
05.12.12 - Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY
03.10.11 - Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
02.10.11 - Coco 66, Brooklyn, NY
12.12.10 - Oberon Theatre, Boston, MA
??.??.?? - Students for Free Culture Day, New York University, NY

Museum of Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out:

“In short, untangling who, exactly, was actually responsible for letting the dogs out and for crafting lines like “A doggy is nuttin’ if he don’t have a bone / Oh doggy, hold ya bone, oh doggy hold it” has tied up our courts and ruined our relationships for years. And now the connective threads of that mystery will be laid bare in Sisto’s collection of ephemera, which includes everything from versions of “Who Let The Dogs Out?” performed by The Simpsons and Crazy Frog, to classic records by George Clinton and Kraftwerk that Sisto believes to be clear influences on these dogs and the way they were let out.  - A/V Club

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We Went To SPRING/BREAK: Who Let the Dogs Out?, Art F City, 3/2/17
A Times Square Show for a New Generation, Observer, 3/2/17
5 things you can’t miss at spring/break 2017, i-D, 3/1/17
Don’t Miss These Unbelievable Installations at SPRING/BREAK, Artnet, 3/1/17
Museum Of Who Let Who Let The Dogs Out Out?, AV Club, 2/14/17

07.31.18 - Select objects on view as part of a live taping at The Bell House
02.28.17 - Spring/Break Art Show, curated by Jac LeHav, New York City, NY
11.06.17 - PhilaMoCA, Nov 6 2017, Philadephia, PA
04.23.13 - Collector's Night, Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY

Some Interviews, Podcasts, Mixes:

5 Questions w/ Boston Hassle, April 11 2018
The History of a Hook, UVA Open Grounds blog, November 2017
FOF #2547 – Who Really Let the Dogs Out?, Feast of Fun Podcast, 10/31/17
Ben Sisto: Who Let the Dogs Out, AS220 Blog, 10/16/17
The Museum of Who Let the Dogs Out, The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, 4/11/17
An Interview with Artist Ben Sisto, Hazlit, 9/3015

A Few DJ Sets and Radio Shows: 

04.16.17 - The Lot Radio, Brooklyn, NY
04.09.17 - The Lot Radio, Brooklyn, NY
09.26.15 - Little Water Radio, New York City, NY
11.02.17 - Ace Hotel Chicago, Chicago, IL


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