Web Safe 2k16

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Web Safe 2k16 is a literary/graphic project exploring our memories of the pre-broadband Internet and related technologies. The project uses Lynda Weinman’s Web Safe color palette as a field of reference constraining a large and heterogeneous archive of personal recollections: 216 authors write 216 words each, inspired by a specific color in the web safe range. Started: 2/16/16; Completed: 9/18/16.


Web Safe in Public:

Web Safe 2k16 at 64 Bits
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London
on view 30 March - 21 April

Web Safe 2k16 Live in London
21 March 2017, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Web Safe 2k16 Live in Boston
November 19, 2016, PRX Podcast Garage

Web Safe 2k16 Live in New York
September 18, 2016, Brooklyn Book Festival