Not Really Confident

Looking at Abstract Art with Microsoft CaptionBot, April 17-28 2016


For Not Really Confident, I've run 267 images of abstract art through CaptionBot (© Microsoft 2015), an image caption-generating AI that came online late March 2016. In CaptionBot's "own" words,  "[I] was created to showcase some of the new capabilities of Microsoft Cognitive Services. These new capabilities are the result of years of research advancements ... Specifically, I use Computer Vision and Natural Language to describe contents of images. I am still learning, so sometimes I get things wrong."

My starting place was this list of abstract painters on Wikipedia; most images of the artworks themselves were found using Google's image search.  I was familiar with maybe 15% of the artists in advance, and selected images by looking at several works by each and trying to find a decent example that summed up a main body of work, or style. Images were downloaded, then uploaded to CaptionBot for processing. You can also provide CaptionBot with an image's URL, but I opted for the upload route on the off chance the AI might search the contents of related pages for context-clues. I then took screen shots of the resulting captioned-images and organized all the before / afters into some shared folders.

As the process went on, I thought of some related works (poems, exhibition strategies, etc) which you can see under the Ideas section above. If you have any corrections, questions, or ideas shoot me an email.