March 30, 2011 at PACS Gallery

Leah Beeferman, Kevin Driscoll, Kerry Gaertner, Joshua Weibley, Daniel Lopatin, Benjamin Sisto, James Corrigan, Twos and Fours, Jeanette Mundt, S.E. Schoemann, A.K.A. SR PALM, Pierre Le Hors, Bennett4senate and Bryce Hackford.

A fortnight spans 14 days. The word microfortnight contains 14 characters. This exhibition comprised of 14 artists who’s names (government or stage) are also 14 characters. Artists were asked to create whatever they wished so long as it was black & white / greyscale, and could print on a 24” x 36” poster.

The exhibition was on display for three-hours and twenty six minutes which = 14x14/60.