PACS Gallery, 2011-2013


PACS at Paloma South
95 South 4th Street, Brooklyn NY
May 12, 2013

Taking root on, or above, the ground; rooting from the stem, 
as the trumpet creeper and the ivy.

Sunday afternoon. Mothers Day. Paintings. Collections. Drawings. Ceramics. Artists handle their own sales. Paloma South is an apartment. Stop by on your way to Journal. Come after you visit Southfirst. Take a boat. Take a train. Ride a bike.

Works on display by Scott Calhoun, Ariel Dill, Ryan Garvey, C.F., Maya Hayuk, Cody Hoyt, E.E. Ikeler, Denise Kupferschmidt, Helmut Smits, Ben Sisto, and Kim Westfall

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Shadow Pests
116 Bushwick Ave, Floor 2, Brooklyn NY
March 20, 2013

With the pairing of Suzy Coady and Yusuke Okada, viewers will meet a cast of playful, sometimes awkward and occasionally crass characters who, like those found in the early adult-themed drawings of Shel Silverstein, deal with sex, love, and life with a childlike humor and playfulness.

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Apacsment Show
116 Bushwick Ave, Floor 2, Brooklyn
December 12, 2012

Works on display by Leah Beeferman and Pierre Le Hors, Phillip Birch, Reade Bryan, Elizabeth Ebright, Amanda B. Friedman, Garrol Gayden, Kenya Hanley, Cody Hoyt, E.E. Ikeler, Denise Kupferschmidt, Michael Pellew, Ben Sisto, Joshua Smith, Jeffrey Tranchell, and Joshua Caleb Weibley.

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Sightings, Zs, Drainolith, Regression
September 29, 2012

LQQK & Bunce Present:

+ Regression (12:00)
+ Zs (11:00)
+ Sightings (10:00)
+ Drainolith (9:00)

 8:30 PM, 21+ w ID
No BYOB, $10


Presentation Party Night
September 16, 2012

Presentations From:
+ Shannon Coffey - Mystery
+ Ryder Ripps - How to Design an e-Commerce Website
+ Erik Bergstrom - The French
+ Melissa J Frost - Architecture Out of Order

Presentation Party Night is a monthly lecture series combining a love of community and education with a taste for beer. Based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, they meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month to share and discuss various topics spanning history, pop culture, current events, and the utterly indescribable. Aesthetically, PPN is a bit closer to a DIY loft party than it is say, Ignite or TED talks. Presenters range from local pro’s to first-timers and there’s a healthy mix of laughing, factoids, and open-ended Q&A. Limited complimentary beers from our good friends at Asahi.


Sean Micka's Christine
September 17, 2012

Christine is a character based in New York City. She sets up situations that invite viewers to contemplate, interrogate and/or negotiate various ways in which art and finance function within a political economy. For better or for worse, her work focuses its attention on auctions, examining artworks, antiques and precious jewels i.e., as objects of financial speculation. She also is frequently concerned with the phenomena of “the contemporary” as an ambiguously defined idea in modern art, i.e., periodization of the present. Christine is frequent collaborator with artist Sean Micka.

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E.E. Ikeler: KISS/KIZZ
September 18, 2012

Drawing on the history of abstraction within Western Modernism, Brooklyn-based artist E.E. Ikeler’s work, as exemplified with KISS/KIZZ, inserts feminist and queer content through nontraditional materials while maintaining a level abstraction. It’s a task that the artist feels has often been assumed to lack legibility in mainstream art criticism. In response, various experimental strategies assert that form and content are not discrete characteristics of art works, but rather, like our minds and bodies, are one in the same.

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Permanent Collection
September 19, 2012

Artists come to own work by other artists in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it’s bought, often it’s in trade, as payment for general labor, and here and there it’s rescued from a trash can. Sometimes it’s a piece that’s been long-desired, other times a bit of a white elephant. Since we’re all struggling for space to store all this stuff, not all works “make the cut” as they say, when artists move between studios and dwellings. But for this one-night exhibition, 10 artists reach into our personal collections and display works that have made the cut. Curated by Ben Sisto (PACS) and Denise Kupferschmidt (Apartment Show).

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Rob & Colene's Wedding After Party
September 8, 2012


Artypes Salon 3: “Portrait
September 20, 2012

Artypes is a series of Art Salons. For each Salon, a variety of contemporary artists are asked to make work prompted by a type of art. Salon No. 3 will include “Portraits” by well over 60 artists, which will be Artypes’ largest Art Salon to date. Art Salons are free to the public. Art can be purchased from the Artists, and Drinks from the Bar. 

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Phillip Birch: Worldless on a Wire Part 1
May 21, 2012

What is authentic? How do we experience a thing? What is thingness versus thinghood?Can a thing be in itself? What makes one a radical? How do you define yourself as a radical? Can we place ourselves in the role of the other? Is there an other? What is necessary and what is enough? Is there enough? Is there a difference between transcendent and pedestrian? Is there a crisis? Are there infinite Earths? Who is your service provider? Is this relatable?

Phillip Birch lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has exhibited at Cleopatra’s, Clifton Benevento, Artists Space, Envoy and Apartment Show. He is currently attempting to learn to juggle. He has been attempting this for years now.

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Sto Len and Man Forever: Video
June 2012

Our buddy Sto of Cinders Gallery was here recently, painting away. PACS hosted a music video shoot for Man Forever, who recently signed to Thrill Jockey. MF is the brainchild of John Kid Millions Collpits, who’s best known as the drummer for Brooklyn’s own Oneida. The live lineup is always in a state of flux, but members of Vampire Weekend, Blues, Yo La Tango, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more have stopped in on previous engagements. Here’s some photos from the shoot, and you can see the video / read more via Impose TV.

Watch the video


Cody Hoyt, Greeting Disorder
March 27, 2012

Greeting Disorder is a one night exhibition of recent works by Cody Hoyt. A limited edition publication will accompany the show.

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Get Rich or Die Mayan 3 aka The Maze Benefit
March 18, 2012


Amanda B. Friedman: Thought-forms
March 26, 2012

Amanda B. Friedman explores cognition, perception, and the distance between self, others, and the world. Her paintings, paper constructions, and drawings are informed by research on mental space - both inside and outside of the head.

Friedman has participated in residencies at Vermont Studio Center, VT; Millay Colony for the Arts, NY, and at Virginia Commonwealth University, VA. Selected group exhibitions include Backyard Projects, NYC; Clifton Benevento, NYC; St. Cecilia’s Convent, Brooklyn; and with Apartment Show, Brooklyn. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Also, this show marks the 1-year anniversary of PACS. Thanks so much to everyone who’s come out and supported! 

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Joshua Smith: Here is a Hand and Here is Another
February 27, 2012

Joshua Smith is an internationally exhibited painter. He was cofounder, with Denise Kupferschmidt, of the itinerant group-show Apartment Show. He was born in Texas, raised in Michigan, and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Jeffery Tranchell
January 30, 2012

Born in Owosso Michigan, Jeffrey Tranchell lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He earned his BFA in 2005 at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. An art-handler by day, Tranchell is exposed to a lot of waste - from bubble wrap & foam being tossed into dumpsters to hydrochloric acid poured down drains. A fan of Maciunas’ use of “waste”, all that pure-tossing doesn’t sit well with him.

In his solo show at PACS, Tranchell displays about a dozen paintings which repurposes materials such as torn coat linings, plastics, and broken canvas stretchers to suggest that all objects have potential, some purpose that consumes objects apart from their intended use or despite their “broken” state. Most artistic activity unavoidably generates a little trash, and Tranchell’s intent is not to condemn artists who fail to use every part of the buffalo….he’s just trying to find a place for all this stuff.

Exhibition Photos (lower res)


Denise Kupferschmidt: various murals
January 16, 2012

At the invitation of PACS Gallery, Denise Kupferschmidt has installed a permanent mural in the front room of Public Assembly. Occupying approximately 5 x 17 feet of estate above the venue’s front interior window, Kill Your Crude Idols references Kupferschmidt’s own Crude Idols drawing series, while serving as a nod to the NYC rock & no-wave documentary Kill Your Idols. The mural’s footer text was generated by the artist’s friend Ben Sisto, who did so by processing a cappella versions of popular songs with an Apple iPhone S4’s voice-to-text translator. 

Based on the success of this project, Denise came back to do a mural on the building's exterior as well. Photos avail on request.


Reade Bryan, Oomph
December 20, 2011

Houstonian turned Brooklynite Reade Bryan received a BFA in FIne Arts from the New School for Design in 2006. Over the past four years he’s toured the local woodshop & construction circuit, helping bring the city gems like Brooklyn Fireproof. In terms of form & fabrication his works draw upon those methods and materials associated with said day-jobs. Tile, brick, plywood, foam an in this show’s case, fiberglass insulation.

The works on display were created on site from about 12pm-6pm, just prior to opening. Bryan’s spontaneity evokes a Guston-like humor, presenting the viewer with two clear options: take the works seriously, or laugh along.

Video stills


Joshua Caleb Weibley: Solid Surface
November 28, 2011

From Joshua:

I profess a kind of connectedness with every material I use, at least in as far as I am implicitly saying “this is something which I may use” by using it. Use is a way to establish ownership, though my saying so alone doesn’t make it true. I don’t own everything and some things I would be wrong to claim ownership of. Others I can fairly call my own and do as I please with according to my relationship with them...

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Ben Sisto: Two Dogs in the Same Space at the Same Time
October 24, 2011

Six works in progress, reflective of Sisto's suspicious attitude towards the copyright, a feeling that’s somewhat based on an aesthetic affection for multiverse theory. The show title is a mishearing a line from K.M.D.’s song “Mr. Hood” which reminds us that two atoms can’t occupy the same space at the same time. A mix of wall-paintings, framed photocopies, and Ebay’d records on display including: 144 Darwins (Final Dozen) Amateur Portal (Version), Who Let ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ Out? (Evidence), Sometimes (Die Trying), Of Bits, plus Guest DJ Pappa Wheelie (live all vinyl Miami Bass set, 60 min)

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Leah Beeferman & Pierre Le Hors
September 19, 2011

a) permeable surfaces (description)
b) semipermeable surfaces (two-way mirror)
c) impermeable surfaces (obfuscation)

. . .

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Gina Beavers: Tapestry Embrace
August 22, 2011

Gina Beavers is an artist in New York City. She studied at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and has been in group shows with Apartment Show, the Journal Gallery, Printed Matter, Envoy Gallery, Kidd Yellin, Sara Meltzer Projects and Clifton Benevento in New York, among others. She has also shown at Cave in Detroit and Pepin Moore in Los Angeles. Most recently, she showed paintings, created a shop installation with Denise Kupfershmidt, and presented a zine-making performance at the ‘Art Book Club Presents:’ show at St. Cecilia’s in Brooklyn.

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Denise Kupferschmidt: Spektr
July 7, 2011

PACS Gallery is pleased to present Spektr, a show of new drawings by Denise Kupferschmidt. Spektr combines selections from several open series within Kupferschmidt’s work, and highlights formal currents running through her studies on various subjects and topics.

The drawing of Denise Kupferschmidt employ an unmistakable vocabulary of form and texture; they speak to dualities inherent in nature and humanity: light and dark, empty and full, bad and good. Between these opposites is the exact moment of death; and in Kupferschmidt’s work that spirituality is materially represented through bold, primitive yet elegant forms that evoke notions of universally understood symbol sets and iconic figures.

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Grady Gerbracht's Repercussions 

re:percussions is a series of events featuring drummers and drummer led projects that expand the parameters of the percussive medium curated by Grady Gerbracht and sponsored by the Nomadic Museum of Sonic Arts.

Performers included Christine Bard, Jim Pugliese, Grady Gerbracht, John Loggia, Margaret Schedel, Valerie Opielski, and Ravish Momin.


March 30, 2011

Featuring works by Leah Beeferman, Kevin Driscoll, Kerry Gaertner, Joshua Weibley, Daniel Lopatin, Benjamin Sisto, James Corrigan, Twos and Fours, Jeanette Mundt, S.E. Schoemann, A.K.A. SR PALM, Pierre Le Hors, Bennett4senate, & Bryce Hackford.

As a fortnight spans 14 days and the word microfortnight itself contains 14 characters, we reasoned that if we were to organize an art exhibition titled Microfortnight, it should be comprised of 14 artists who’s names can be displayed in 14 characters and last three-hours and twenty six minutes (14x14 / 60). T

he works are uniform in size and format, each a 24” x 36” black & white print on bond. You might think 24x36 + bond somehow relate to the theme, as the other conditions are rather specific. You would be wrong; it’s just an easy + cheap format.