Museum of Who Let Who
Let the Dogs Out

Over 250 items related to an ongoing seven-year investigation into the origins of the WLTDO hook.

Spring/Break Art Show, 2017 / Feb 28 - March 6 / 4 Times Square, New York
Presented by The Midnight Society 

"Long have we petitioned the universe and sports stadiums, and now that quest will finally be laid bare for archivists to, hopefully, piece together an answer" - A.V. Club 

"It’s genius." - Art F City
"...a fascinating, decade-spanning history." - artnet
"@bensisto is Off the Leash! #wholetthedogsout" - @bahamenofficial
"...strange and thoroughly amazing..." - hyperallergic
5 things you can’t miss at spring/break 2017 - i-D
" room managed to out-kitsch them all..." - Observer
"By far the most memorable and bizarre display" - Tattoo Do