Hollis Frampton Comes Alive


beach bike
sauna seat
boat booth
ocean roof

dirt dome
garden jacuzzi
classroom club
library movies


a small square
flip phone
very old
the ringtone
is Salt-n-Pepa




i typed this with my right middle finger
i tyyped  this with my nose
k typedx this wigth m y righbt elb ows
i tttt7ee 6his with my tongue
i typed this with my left pinky finger
i typed  thius swiutgh my l;efgt wertist
i typed this with my right ring finger


dead neck
horse music
slow city
half pretty
tiny pants
library lord
male urge
homework hat


ring shape
march reply
email support
jump study
land curve
light trade
film shop
suit test
search excuse
fish drink
smoke fight
function attack
laugh limit
race crack
sand control
rain cycle
plant taste
surprise fold


I was Parthenon
Started like the sun
Saying good morning
Making my way
Light is out in the world


i tuoi figli
le tue macchine
casa tua
tuo padre


All growth is permanent
Failure tends to follow failure in a pattern
Leave behind what you’ve seen earlier
most men have little to say
The face of a man is usually an open book
The minute you stop worrying it’s their turn to be anxious


I’m going to sleep in your front door
weight on my pop-up interstate
we’ve a copy of everything
a radical beginning of rice
basketball bitches
hip-hop won’t miss me
12,000 pounds venison steak
Vegas haters
bulletproof limitations
double-dip modicum
raincoat class
other daughters of the Caribbean
call me touchscreen Caponi
the dream of being unsatisfied
last breath lesson
snuggle of the realness
casinos in a glass molding
grilled company checks
the grill in the villages
the story that heckles
a chronic liar
slim at the bank
cut your grass man
part-time subgingival
creative loafing
cost of the Dragon
above the debate
I put the money to the pigeon
eight and a flake
I guess it be accurate
tomato soup in my mouth
pretty bad to say hello
Rhode Island I love you
overhead technology
The balance to put the football away
overthrown by one vote
Parmesan pussy
I’m tailgating in London
at my house I disconnect cable and satellite
smoke a little chuckle
are you going to be holding my dick out
lecture with pushback


are we in this together
are we in a depression
are we the waiting

these people are trying to fade me
these people are nuts


when will I die
when will brittany die
when will you die
when will I see your face again
when will it snow

the sun
the office
the wire
the times
the hills


why do cats pur
why do cheat
why am i so tired


Blood is thicker than mud
Bigger than Barnum’s
Older than you


tie a tie
do drugs
get pregnant