My name is Ben Sisto; thank you for visiting my website. I am an artist –originally from Seekonk, Massachusetts– living in Brooklyn, New York where I work on a variety of projects, most of which tend to center around curation, collection, organizing and research. I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2002 (Studio for Interrelated Media) and since then have been involved with well over 1,000 events through my work with bars, nightclubs, performance spaces and other venues. I oversaw cultural programming and marketing for Ace Hotel New York for a while and am the world’s leading expert on Who Let the Dogs Out

In the past year or so I got to curate some cool stuff: Rev Jen’s troll museum (NYT), John Chaich’s exhibition of works by Vivek Sharya (them.), the Museum of Banned Objects from Matt Starr and Ellie Sachs (Vanity Fair), a show about old school French telecom and more. I was also fortunate to be a resident for a bit at New Lab via Science Sandbox, where I worked on an exhibition of ephemera celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8. And, I had a baby. She is very cool.

This website’s a bit “under construction” as they say but, I’ll leave you with Web Safe 2k16 from a few years ago, which I made with my friends Jo and Joe. It’s a fun read.

Have a nice day,