Not Really Confident: Results [main]

All in all, the AI seemed to operate with a low degree of confidence, but I found some of its groupings interesting. For example, when looking at images identified as "kites" one at a time, I didn't think many really stood out as "kites", but when viewed together some patterns became really clear —most had a variety of right-angled shapes with two hard edges and at some level of rotation. There were a few times CaptionBot told me a painting had some object in it —say, a dog. Previously, I did not see said dog/shape, but now I can't not-see them. I have changed. 

Highs & Lows

The counts below look at the second half of captions ("Short" descriptions, as I call them in the Drive docs). For example, if a full caption reads "I am not really confident, but I think it's a glass of water.", I am only running analysis on "a glass of water". This is because 100% of captions can be broken down into two basic categories:

  • higher confidence captions starting with "I think it's a" (67 / 25.09%)

  • lower confidence captions starting with "I am not really confident, but I think it's a" (200 / 74.91%)

So for me, the bulk of what's interesting is what's in those shorter second-half sections.

Examples of Caption Contents:

  • close ups (35)

  • paintings (29)

  • instances of graffiti, or paintings of graffiti (29)

  • cakes (18)

  • pictures of some sort (12)

  • containing giraffes (09)

  • skate parks (06)

Quantity Terms

  • "a" (257)

  • "two" (4)

  • "an" (2)

  • "in" (1)

  • "many" (2)

  • "group" (1)

Color Terms

  • white (10)

  • red (9)

  • blue (9)

  • yellow (4)

  • orange (3)

  • green (2)

Caption Length

  • 10 words (15)

  • 09 words (16)

  • 08 words (11)

  • 07 words (29)

  • 06 words (48)

  • 05 words (73)

  • 04 words (35)

  • 03 words (40)

Higher Confidence Captions / Alphabetically (67)

a blue door, a blurry picture of a cat, a boat sitting on top of a beach, a close up of a wave, a colorful kite, a graffiti covered wall, a graffiti covered wall and he seems [face emoji], a green door, a group of colorful graffiti, a group of colorful umbrellas, a group of people on a horse in a field, a group of people walking down the street, a large orange oranges, a large tree, a painted sign, a painting of a bicycle, a painting of a bird that is painted blue, a painting of a birthday cake, a painting of a graffiti covered building, a painting of a graffiti covered wall, a painting of a green field, a painting of a large colorful graffiti, a painting of a pizza, a painting of a sunset, a painting of a table, a painting of a tree, a painting of a vase, a painting of a vase of colorful graffiti, a painting of an elephant, a painting of colorful graffiti, a painting of flowers in it, a painting on the wall, a pair of graffiti, a picture of a building, a picture of a tree, a pizza sitting on top of a tree, a pizza that is painted blue, a red door, a row of shoes, an old photo, group of colorful flowers in it, two oranges sitting on a table

Repeating Captions by Frequency, Alphabetically (39)

a graffiti covered wall (18), a picture of some sort (12), a colorful kite (6), a picture of a building (6), a close up of a tooth brush (4), a pair of skis (4), a person on a surf board in a skate park (4), a red and white sign (4), a large tree (3), a picture of a room (3), a picture of a sign (3), a picture of a tree (3), two giraffes in a fenced in area (3), a blue and white cake (2), a blue door (2), a brick wall (2), a cake made to look like a train (2), a close up of a cake (2), a close up of a cell phone (2), a close up of a clock (2), a close up of a train (2), a close up of fabric (2), a close up of two giraffes near a tree (2), a colorful plate (2), a crowd of people (2), a drawing of a tree (2), a group of colorful cake (2), a group of colorful graffiti (2), a guy on a skate board at a skate park (2), a large pair of scissors (2), a painted sign (2), a painting of a birthday cake (2), a painting of a tree (2), a painting of a vase (2), a painting of flowers in it (2), a painting on the wall (2), a picture of a cake (2), a picture of an elephant (2), a picture of himself (2), and a red door (2)

Words by Frequency

a, of, picture, up, close, on, graffiti, painting, wall, in, colorful, covered, tree, cake, the, and, to, some, sign, sort, that, group, blue, with, kite, building, white, pair, red, giraffes, vase, sitting, skate, an, board, is, person, large, are, water, table, couple, next, park, door, painted, map, train, two, bird, room, flowers, surf, it, birthday, made, elephant, brush, orange, book, yellow, skis, tooth, look, people, sky, top, like, tv, phone, clock, himself, pizza, fenced, drawing, bunch, seems, wooden, luggage, area, ground, scissors, emoji, face, umbrellas, lots, blurry, old, man, tiled, at, refrigerator, fabric, flying, standing, oranges, cell, display, many, beach, kites, photo, umbrella, he/she, brick, topped, ball, shoes, snow, near, horse, bicycle, stop, crowd, filled, hydrant, fire, green, big, bed, cat, laying, guy, field, dog, row, bananas, men, plate, banana, walking, glass, he, motorcycle, furniture, piano, slices, about, couch, rock, hanging, mountain, birds, rain, rack, teddy, curtain, boat, walk, wave, sunset, balloon, computer, suitcase, bear, dirty, short, animal, clutter, toilet, surfboard, different, floor, truck, piece, side, sits, traffic, screen, over, cross, light, store, stone, donut, street, feeder, this, description, vases, grass, zebra, flat, cooking, bag, bat, food, hit, down, whiteboard, dirt, rug, counter, set, background, baseball, types, pond, decorated, envelope, plant, animals, kitchen, toy, lamp, stuffed, dessert