Ace Hotel Artists in Residence


In 2014 I developed Ace Hotel New York’s Artists in Residence program, which I then curated until early 2019. The program became a staple of Ace Hotel’s cultural programming – artists have filled rooms with mylar balloons, broadcasted psychedelic videos, painted oyster shells, collected beach glass, slept, hired 3rd parties to produce work on their behalf, wrote poems, collected recipes, wrote and recording music, drafted short stories, played solitaire and more. 

Fun Facts:

+ Over 250 artists hosted between Jan 2014 - Jan 2019
+ Artists retain their IP. Ace kept physical works, but never hoarded ideas.
+ Program went on tour in collaboration with Printed Matter
+ Earned 4th natural Google result for “Artists in Residence” (NYC-based results)

Partners have included:

Fountain House, January 2019
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste, December 2018
Nordic International Film Fest, November 2018
Refinery 29, October 2018
Brad Troemel, September 2018
Artiphon, August 2018
Distributed Web of Care, July 2018
D’hana Perry, June 2018
Giphy, May 2018
Children's' Museum of Art, April 2018
Tug Rice and VOLTA, March 2018
Sea Dog Theatre, February 2018
National Sawdust, January 2018
Rashaad Newsome, November 2017
SI Maker Space, October 2017
Printed Matter, September 2017
Ashley Robicheaux, August 2017
Kimberly Klark Gallery, July 2017
Teen Art Salon, June 2017
Discwoman, May 2017
Trax Records, April 2017
ITP (NYU), March 2017
Penumbra Foundation, February 2017
Bronx Art Space, January 2017
Faust, December 2016
Printed Matter, November 2016
Friends Records, October 2016
Printed Matter, September 2016
Puppy Teeth Records, August 2016
Undo Magazine, July 2016
Filipino American Museum, June 2016
LAND Gallery, May 2016
McSweeney's, April 2016
Joshua Caleb Weibley, March 2016
BuzzFeed, February 2016
Topical Cream, January 2016
Opening Ceremony, December 2015
Residencies Unlimited, November 2015
Lady Boss, October 2015
AUNTS, September 2015
Oyster Books, August 2015
bitforms gallery, July 2015
BHQFU, June 2015
Materials for the Arts, May 2015
n+1, April 2015
Plus 81, March 2015
Northern Spy Records, February 2015
Deer Dana, January 2015
24 BY 36 (Ace Hotel), January 2015
WORD Bookstores, December 2014
PlayLab, November 2014
Flux Factory, October 2014
Printed Matter, September 2014
Tumblr, August 2014
Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, July 2014
Tomorrow Lab, June 2014
The Museum of Art and Design, May 2014
24 BY 36 (Ace Hotel), January 2014