468 Saturdays

A regular year has exactly 52 full weeks and 1 day. A leap year has 52 full weeks and 2 days. If a leap year starts on Saturday, then it has 53 of them. 1972 was such a year, a fact which some speculate was an unconscious influence on poet Bernie Taupin, who penned the lyrics for Elton John's Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting the very next year in '73  Factually, the best part of this song is the chorus, which I've looped 52 times, celebrating each of 1973's Saturdays. Each cycle contains 9 instances of the word Saturday for a total of 468 Saturdays.

Update: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the initial mix (thank you for all the emails!), I've uploaded an extended mix referencing the '72 leap year. Clocking in a bit closer to 11 minutes, this version contains 53 loops of 9 Saturdays, for a total of 477 Saturdays.